Boutique Wealth Management with Global Capabilities

NewEdge Wealth provides a select group of clients with the ultimate level of service and attention to help organize and simplify their lives, while also providing access to an expansive menu of institutional caliber products and services — all wrapped in technology that serves as the connective tissue between the client with the advisor to create a stronger, more personal relationship.

Simplifying Today for Tomorrow & Beyond

The goal of NewEdge Wealth is to help simplify, organize and manage for clients the demands their wealth has on their lives today, while also delivering a customized wealth strategy to help achieve their legacy for tomorrow and beyond.

Structural Advantage that Benefits the Client

NewEdge Wealth is a firm purpose-built to serve ultra high net worth, family office and institutional clients, combining the benefits and safety that clients expect with the flexibility and choice that comes with independence.

No one firm has a monopoly on great ideas, products, services or technology.

Clients of NewEdge Wealth have access to an expansive menu of solutions, uniquely curated for them and their complex lives — some of which can’t be found at traditional firms. Through the two-way marketplace we have created at NewEdge, we can bring to the table a vast set of resources to help achieve whatever particular goals the client may have or problems they are trying to solve. And then we’re able to deliver it through leading-edge technology to serve the client better.