Customized Trading Services & Technology

From small private client orders to complex algorithmic trading strategies for institutional clients, NewEdge Institutional Trading provides fully electronic trading across equity, fixed income and mutual fund orders.

NewEdge Institutional Trading Services (ITS) provides electronic and personalized trading services across equities, fixed income, and mutual funds.

Trading solutions designed around your needs.

NewEdge Institutional Trading, a service of NewEdge Securities, Inc. provides customized trading solutions and technology. Our platform fully supports electronic trading across equity, fixed income, and mutual fund orders, allowing you to trade your orders online or simply call and have our desk personally handle trades for you. We handle requests from simple telephone orders to client-based electronic order management systems providing controlled, direct access order routing to all major venues, including NYSE, BBSS, ARCA, NASDAQ, and various market makers and ECNs.

NewEdge’s interests are solely focused on providing the most cost-effective trade execution services, combined with state-of-the-art technology and personalized services that will maximize your backroom integrations and efficiencies. Our trading desk acts as an agency trading desk – executing orders at the best price for its clients and does not try to match trades, make markets, or engage in proprietary trading. Our only agenda is to provide high-quality, cost-effective executions.

We deliver high-quality executions of domestic and international trades that vary from small private client orders to complex algorithmic trading strategies for institutional clients. In addition to serving our affiliated registered representatives and investment advisors, our trading desk provides brokerage services to over 200 institutional clients, including some of the nation’s largest banks, money managers, and hedge funds.